Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bloomington is a Global Market Place ~ Chris Seymore is the only Global Representative on the Ballot

Chris For House of Representatives
"Returning the Seat to the People of Bloomington Not The Party" 

Bloomington is a Global Marketplace.
Why ?
Because we have the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airports. 
"The Bloomington's Retail  alone get's a minimum of "40,000,000 visitors a year from around the world."1

The purpose of this blog  is Threefold:

  1. To remind Voters of Bloomington that The 2016 Primary Election is August 9th 2016.
  2. The General Election is to be held November 8th 2016.
  3. The City of Bloomington is a Global Marketplace & Christopher Seymore is the only Global Representative of Bloomington the Ballot for House SD50B.
: ) As Bloomington is a Metropolitan Hub to the World you need a Leader in the House who Has already earn a Voice on a Global Level. " I AM THAT LEADER" Christopher Seymore for House SD50B 2016 : ) 

My blog for House of Representatives Campaign has been up for 4 mos.
It already has readership from the U.S., FRANCE, GERMANY, RUSSIA, POLAND, ETHIOPIA, U.K., IRELAND, TURKEY, and ANTIGUA & BARBUDA.  A total of 1,106 views to date. That's an avg. of 276.5 per mo. Globally 

My blog for LCORPS has been up 5 Years
It has a readership from the U.S., FRANCE, GERMANY, RUSSIA, POLAND, UKRAINE, U.K., SWEDEN, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA .  A total of 16,085 views to date. That's an avg. of 3217 new readers per yer. Globally.

For Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services of which I am the Founder and CEO. I have the duty of being a "Socially Responsible Investor" that implements nonprofit corporate practices to promote environmental stewardship, human rights, and diversity and job creation across the United States including MN.

I have even be given a platform at the GLOBAL UNITED NATIONS CHURCH,  to SPEAK & PRAY for the UNITED STATES CITIZENS for greater economic stability. (please clink youtube video below)

I have 8 consecutive years of Democratic Party experience. It has been a privilege and honor to have served as an elected Official in the South West Metro Congressional District 3 as:

  • Precinct Chairman
  • Central Committee Member
  • Rules & Constitution Committee
  • Our Reach & Inclusion Affirmative Action Committee
  • Delegate from Senate District to National levels.  

My years of experience in roles of leadership, has trained me to hit the ground running with minimal time for ‘learning curve’ adjustments as Bloomington’s next  MN State House Representative.

Please Vote Christopher Seymore Sr. for House Primary & General Election 2016
Prepare by Chris Seymore for House

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