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Online Question and Answer Session with a Fellow Bloomington Resident. July 21st, 2016 !

Today I had an online question and answer session with a fellow Bloomington resident inquiring about my Candidacy for MN House of Representatives. 

So without any further ado, here is our conversation:
Bloomington Resident Questions Q1-Q9
SD50 Candidate for House Answers A1-A9

Bloomington Resident:
Q1) What do you propose to do about all the slumlord investors that keep buying all of the housing in the area that is under 200k and renting it out, but rarely making
 any of the repairs needed? How are we supposed to have growing, long term family homes in Bloomington if those families are priced out by overzealous investors pricing them out and creating homes for rent, rather than for sale?"

A1) SD50B Candidate for House: I plan to Provide Affordable Housing Tax Credit for rental property owners in East and West Bloomington. For those taking the tax credit home repairs will need to be inspected, and mandatory to receive credit. I agree as I have rental experience in West Bloomington. This can be done through City of Bloomington channels.

Q2) I've met Andrew three times, one of which he was walking door to door and meeting everyone. Did you plan to canvas? I haven't met you yet; I don't remember seeing you at the caucus.

A2)  Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you. I was at caucus night. I was the chair for precinct 13 Caucus the night. I have 8 consecutive years of Democratic Party experience. It has been a privilege and honor to have served in the elected Offices of: SW Metro CD3 Precinct Chairman, Central Committee Member, and Delegate from Senate District to National levels. 
As this is my 1st campaign, I plan to canvas Aug. 1st - 8th.

Q3) How do you justify your position on being pro life; despite that less than 2 percent of abortions are actually "wanted" by the mother, and are nearly always due to medical need, or to prevent further trauma in situations of a non-viable fetus. To clarify, 98 percent of those who get abortions are -already- hurting or grieving from having to abort their baby in the first place and would do anything to save that baby; and it's just not possible; or they'd have done it. You really want to add more stigma and myth to this procedure and potentially criminalize women's reproductive health and well-being? Your position is not one I can support right now.

A3) Yes I am pro life, but I understand and believe in a woman's right to choose. As a father and husband I know exactly what you are referring to when you say: "nearly always due to medical need, or to prevent further trauma in situations of a nonviable fetus." We have 4 children, but have lost 4 children while in fetus stages. My wife is the only one who had the right to choose. My personal Pro-life stance is on, those who have an irresponsible lifestyle, and chose abortion as an option to not be a responsible parent. That's not right in my view. It's is my belief that there are better options than abortion for a healthy mom, who can deliver a healthy baby.

Q5) Speaking of: What will you do to encourage Sex education in the schools? 

A5) I am a Retired School Teacher, and a current Educator in the MPLS CityWide Autism Program. To encourage sex ed, I will continue to do my job, as sex ed is part of the school curriculum. I do not protest sex ed.

Q6) Also: What plans do you have for inclusion, anti-bullying and lgbt protections? 

A6) I am a huge proponent of, inclusion, anti-bullying and lgbt protections. I plan to bring my experience, and expertise to the House to insure  that MN's legislation is a reflection on what the children need and want. I'm currently on MPLS School District's Y.E.P. Team, and 
W.M.E.P.'s Multi-School District Dare 2 B Real Program, as a Facilitator. 
Both of these programs evaluate school culture across in Twin Cites, and most West Metro School Districts on inclusion, anti-bullying and lgbt protections.

*The Youth Participatory Evaluation (YPE) program involves young peoples' voices in evaluating the programs, organizations, agencies, and systems that have been designed to serve them.

*Dare 2 Be Real, promotes, addresses and discusses racial equity and leadership. Students undergo intensive training and structured discussions that are intended to prepare a new generation for global readiness. Through cross-cultural coalitions, student use their knowledge, skills, and voices to become actively involved in the community.
Q7) Do you plan to address or do anything regarding the fact that childcare in our area costs on average, 18-22k a year for a single child? If so, how do you plan to address it? 

A7) I am aware of the cost per child for education, and understand educational budgeting. I am on the Lake Nokomis Site Council, I serve to advise Keewaydin's Principal and budgeting team on the allocation of its' budget.

In the post on "Making Bloomington Prestigious and Safe Again"
I will introduce legislation that would increase school spending, and work to insure rights of children and teachers. It is my belief that educators, and children should have a bigger say in public school spending, and allocation. 

Q8) Do you intend to Vote Hilary now that Bernie has lost? Or are you going to defect to Stein or Johnson with the other Anti-Hilary protesters? 

A8) As far as the 2016 Presidential election, I believe in voting one's conscience not one's Party. Even if one votes for the opposing party.
I am undecided at this time on personally my Presidential Candidate. I will get my information this source for decision making here:

Q9) How will your propositions reject discrimination of refugees, or those of a middle-eastern background? 

A10) I propose that MN Citizens do what I do. Network, work with and or for with people who are of refugee status, and middle-eastern heritage and cultures. It is easy to get to know people when they know you have an open mind, and unbiased heart. As far as my propositions, there are laws on the books that will just have to be enforced to prevent further discrimination, as I know it exist. Also with no legislation, will have to come new oversight to ensure proper implementation.

Q11) What will you do to continue to encourage and promote police and community relations?

A11) Bloomington Police do a fine job in my option. When we call they come to help. They have literally been my life's saver.

To insure they keep up the good work I will introduce legislation that would provide proper training,
to prevent Bloomington Police department from falling into issues of disproportionate rates of negative interactions with African Americans, and all other persons whom are targeted by practices of racial profiling, and minimize the practices of violations quotas. All the while getting needed data and input from the Department as a whole as I want to serve them as they serve us.

Q12) Lastly: We know a good deal about Andrew's family; tell us about yours.

I want to know specifics.

A12) My Family and occupational background are as followed.
I am Husband to Michelle Seymore and proud father of four children, Mikya 24, TreyVonne 23, Lena 18 and #21 Chris Seymore Jr. 16 yr old, Bloomington Jefferson Varsity B-Ball and “Track Star ” ! Go Jags ! 
I am also Grandfather of 3 beautiful grandchildren. 
I have 24 years experience in education. A retired St.Paul Teacher. Currently MPLS Schools employee: Citywide ASD SEA, Student Equity Group(s) Facilitator, and Lake Nokomis k-8 Site Council Voting Member.
My years of experience in roles of leadership has trained me to hit the ground running with minimal time for ‘learning curve’ adjustments as Bloomington’s next MN State House Representative.

Thank you sincerely for your Questions on me, my family, and my stances. I have tried to answer them as best as I can. If you have any more questions please feel free to send them to me. 

Prepared by: Chris 4 House of Representatives SD50 B Bloomington MN 2016

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