Saturday, July 23, 2016

I support Bloomington Teachers and Residents "Chris for House SD50B"

Priority number #1 for the residents of Bloomington East and West
As parts of Bloomington has poverty rates upwards of 13 to 20 percent and same with unemployment rates, some of our residents live well below the poverty line. (1), (2) There are over 10,000 households that make an income range of less than $10,000 to less than $34,999.(3)
I am seeking office  "To Advocate For Them."

Bloomington, MN has become a Major Hub for Global Travel, Tourism, and mass Retail Sales. We can easily Create a New Retail Sales Tourism Tax from, businesses, the Airports, major corporations/franchises, and small businesses with upward 30 employees without hurting their employees.
The increased revenue will provide:

  • Educational Funding for East and West Bloomington Public Schools (before, during, & after school funding)
  • Implementation of New Long Term Road Construction Materials for East and West Bloomington (safer & efficient  travel)
  • Extended Public Transportation in West Bloomington (increased job security for residents without cars)
  • Affordable Housing Tax Credit for rental property owners in East and West Bloomington (to lower rent, insure rental upkeep without affecting profits)
  • Adapt a Step-up/MPLS Achieve employment Program for At-risk in East and West Bloomington Teens and Young Adults, (Teens and young compete with middle age people for jobs in this 2016 economy, we need to provide jobs just for them, "the youth")


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