Thursday, July 28, 2016

Christopher Seymore Vs. Andrew Carlson Virtual Debate 4 House SD50B 2016

My campaign Staff, and myself has requested to debate Mr. Carlson over the phone, and email. To no avail did we get a response.

Andrew in "my opinion" has dodged me since our Senate District Convention. On the day of the convention I asked him for a debate, and he told me he would, as he was very upset that he did not receive a confirmation from Chad Anderson In the Special Election 2015. I have not seen him since. As this is my 1st. State Office race for House I believed him.
It is very disappointing to be denied the chance to debate  my opponent in my 1st political race. Andrew assured me that he knew the feeling, and would not do the same to his fellow Democratic Opponent.
Sad to say this will be the only place you will see us together, answering the same questions from the people of Bloomington.

Thank You League of Women Voters Bloomington MN for this opportunity. To the viewers I ask that you have an open mind, and please pay close attention to which candidate provides you with a detailed answers to the questions provided to us by L.W.V.

  1. One minute introduction.
  2. Should the legislature take action to make housing more affordable, if so what should it do?
  3. Do you believe it is important to work across the aisles to get things done? If yes, what can you do to make that happen?
  4. One minute wrap-up.

I believe it is very important to work across the aisles as MN has more than a 2 Party system at work in our Great state. My current campaign slogan is:
"Returning the Seat to the People of Bloomington Not The Party"
We the people are humans, not donkeys and elephants.

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