Monday, April 18, 2016

Vote Christopher Seymore for MN House SD50b


I have a strategic and focused approach to achieving outcomes of social good for Minnesota Citizens. I have a strong commitment to helping people succeed in making a positive change in their lives.

As a National and Local State Community Leader, I Champion causes like:

  • Seeking ways to Abolishing Urban and Rural Poverty
  • At Risk Youth Employment 
  • Make it Easier for the Elderly to Receive Disability ~ S.S. Benefits & Medicare 
  • Adult Occupational Skills Training
  • Information Technology Literacy  
  • U. S. Technological Green Infrastructure Creation
  • National Job Creation 
  • Educational Rights for Teachers and Students
  • Seeking ways to Combat Homelessness 
  • HelpingU.S. Veterans Financial and Resource Assistance
  • Racial and Gender Equity & Equality 
  • ......and more

Me and Ken Martin @ the 2012 State Convention
2012 State Delegate and National Delegate Alt.
2008 State DFL Convention w/Norbert & Crew
2008-12 SD42 Chair & Delegate

Tom Daschle 2008 Obama Event DT MPLS
John Lesch & I @ SD42 CONVENTION 2008

I was Recruited into the DFL by:
John Lesch & Tom Daschle in 2008 at a Barack Obama event for President . I found Senate District 42... and never looked back.

Keith Ellison & I @ 2012 SD49 Convention

2016 I was elected on caucus night as:
Nominated for Caucus Chair, Precinct 13 Chair & WON!!!!
My years of experience in roles of leadership, provides me with the ability hit the ground running with minimal time for ‘learning curve’ adjustments as your next MN State House Representative.

My corporate, professional, and educational experiences are listed as follows:

Corporate Experience
  • T-Mobile
  • Xerox Corporation
  • Mesaba Airlines
  • Office Depot
  • IBM
  • Qwest/Century Link
  • Boy’s and Girls Club of America
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Wilder Foundation
  • City of St. Paul
  • City of Minneapolis
Professional Experience
  • Nonprofit CEO/Founder
  • Teacher K-12
  • Economic Social Scientist
  • Executive Pastor
  • I.T. Business Founder
  • Business Analyst Consultant
  • Parks & Rec. Asst. Director
  • School Board Liaison
  • Professional Blogger
  • Social Networks Developer
  • Mechanism/Game Theorist
  • DFL Community Precinct Leader
  • Youth Programs Director
  • Writer/Trainer/Speaker
Educational Background
  • U of Minnesota
Liberal Arts
  • Concordia University
Secondary Education
  • Concordia University          Business Management
  • MN Small Business Administration
Business Development
  • Hennepin Tech Community College
  I.T. BusinessManagement

Sincerely, thank you for your time,

Prepared by: Christopher L. Seymore for MN House sd50b
10816 Nord Ave. South ~ Bloomington MN 55437

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chris On The Issues

Hello, my name is Christopher Seymore.
I am your Candidate for SD50b:
MN State House of Representatives 
Below are my positions on Democratic & Republican Issues.
Vote Match Results: "MODERATE" 4 Bernie

 = Strongly Support     = Support     = No Opinion     = Oppose     = Strongly Oppose
Personal IssuesYouHard-core LiberalHard-core LibertarianHard-Core ConservativeHard-Core Populist
Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right
Comfortable with same-sex marriage
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens
Make voter registration easier 
Avoid foreign entanglements 
Keep God in the public sphere
EPA regulations are too restrictive 
Stricter punishment reduces crime
Expand the military
Marijuana is a gateway drug 
 = Strongly Support     = Support     = No Opinion     = Oppose     = Strongly Oppose
Economic IssuesYouHard-core LiberalHard-core LibertarianHard-Core ConservativeHard-Core Populist
Legally require hiring more Women/Minorities
Expand ObamaCare
Higher taxes on the wealthy
Prioritize green energy
Stimulus better than market-led recovery
Privatize Social Security
Vouchers for school choice
Absolute Right To Gun Ownership
Support and Expand Free Trade
Support American Exceptionalism 
YouHard-core LiberalHard-core LibertarianHard-Core ConservativeHard-Core Populist
 = Strongly Support     = Support     = No Opinion     = Oppose     = Strongly Oppose

Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right 
  • Oppose means I believe: The fetus is a human being who has rights independent of its mother's rights. You are "pro-life." While abortion under certain circumstances might be tolerated, the basic rights belong to the fetus, not the mother.
  • I believe: more practical limitations are appropriate to make abortions rarer.
Comfortable with same-sex marriage 
  • Support means I believe: Homosexuals should be treated with equal respect as other members of society, not treated as criminals. You acknowledge the diversity of our society by including same-sex partners in most or all benefits of heterosexual marriage partners, but civil unions are preferable to using the term 'marriage.'
  • I believe: in practical improvements in civil rights for gays.
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens 
  • Support means I believe: The government should make few restrictions on immigration. If the number of immigrants is too high, establish an immigration fee and raise it until the number of immigrants is acceptable. Or change the immigration quotas by some other method.
  • I believe: in practical reforms but not in treating illegal aliens as criminals.
Make voter registration easier 
  • Support means I believe:
  • Voter ID laws just make it harder for people to vote, and we should work to make it EASIER to vote.
  • Reforms are needed in campaign finance, in order to reduce the influence of moneyed interests.
  • Those reforms might include restrictions on personal donations to political campaigns; restrictions on corporate, labor union, or PAC donations; and restrictions on PAC activities.
  • I believe that restrictions on campaign finance, and/or partial public funding, is a practical means to reduce undue political influence.
Avoid foreign entanglements 
  • Oppose means I believe: We must prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. We should leave Afghanistan only when they can defend themselves.
  • I believe: there are serious practical uses of American military force, for clearly-defined objectives. Those objectives include a secure oil supply, which means our national interest includes ensuring stability in Iraq and Iran.
Keep God in the public sphere 
  • Strongly Support means I believe: Abrahamic values, are American values. Belief in God is what America was founded upon, so tax-funding religious organizations, or praying in school, does not violate the separation of church and state. Displaying the Ten Commandments is appropriate because they are the moral basis for Western law. The Pledge of Allegiance should continue to include the phrase "Under God."
  • I believe: in the principle that religious institutions should be involved in welfare or education.

EPA regulations are too restrictive 
  • Support means I believe: Human needs come first, but it's ok to account for environmental needs after human needs are accounted for.
  • I believe: in practical methods of natural resource use. You prioritize people first, but goals can be accomplished with respect for nature.
Stricter punishment reduces crime 
  • Oppose means I believe: Strict enforcement of pre-determined sentencing threatens civil rights and should be used cautiously. Police, courts and prisons should focus on effective enforcement rather than strict enforcement. The death penalty should be used with extreme caution, if at all.
  • I believe: in practical reforms like sentencing guidelines, but not mandatory ones.
Expand the military 
  • Support means I believe: We should consider carefully before making more cuts - for example, base closings have hurt local economies, and reducing military personnel has put pressure on employment.
  • I believe: that we need more spending to keep up with our practical national security requirements.
Marijuana is a gateway drug 
  • Oppose means I believe: We should have regulated decriminalization. Medical marijuana might be legalized, for example, as might clean hypodermic needles. Our drug policy should be reformed, with less criminal penalties and more drug abuse clinics.
  • I believe: the practical benefits of reduced restrictions outweigh the costs of incarceration.
Legally require hiring women & minorities 
  • Strongly Support means I believe: Affirmative Action makes up for past injustice. Until blacks, women, and other minorities are proportionately represented in the upper classes of the economy and the workplace, society owes them a hand up. Government should actively enforce Affirmative Action laws in private companies.
  • I believe: in the practical benefits of diversity.
Expand ObamaCare
  • Strongly Support means I believe: Too few Americans have adequate health insurance. The government should make funds available for more complete coverage, or should expand existing government-run coverage to all citizens. A single-payer system would solve most healthcare problems.
  • I believe: in the principle of single-payer government-run healthcare.
Higher taxes on the wealthy 
  • Strongly Support means I believe: A progressive income tax is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Its premise is that the wealthy contribute proportionally more than those with lower incomes. That is the right way to run our tax system, and we should keep it that way.
  • I believe: in the principle of progressive taxation, i.e., that redistribution of wealth is a proper role of government.
Prioritize green energy 
  • Strongly Support means I believe: Overuse of fossil fuels causes serious problems that we should deal with immediately by raising carbon taxes, raising CAFE standards, federally funding research into alternative and sustainable energy resources, and push to implement the Kyoto Protocol.
  • I believe: in practical reasons for reduction in carbon usage, such as US technological competitiveness or reducing the risks of global warming.
Stimulus better than market-led recovery 
  • Support I believe: The federal government should institute incentives for private corporations for more hiring, to recuperate from the Great Recession. Funding to "bail out" private companies should be accompanied by rules for corporate behavior and repayment.
  • I believe: government oversight is needed for practical reasons: the Great Recession is a big enough cause, but most others aren't.
Privatize Social Security 
  • Strongly Oppose I believe: Social Security should remain forever under federal control to ensure that all Americans have a secure retirement. The Trust Fund should not be invested in anything like the stock market, since that would introduce undue risk.
  • I believe: believe in practical progress towards market-based retirement funding.
Vouchers for school choice 
  • Support means I believe: School choice helps the poor who would otherwise be stuck in failing schools. Why should only the elite be able to afford private school? Subsidize parents' school choices to foster equality, as long as the school respects separation of church and state, and meets basic state standards. Charter schools are a good compromise.
  • I believe in school choice for practical reasons of improving education.
Absolute right to gun ownership 
  • Support means I believe: It's not the instrument, it's the morality. Gun ownership should not be restricted - most gun owners use them safely and responsibly. To reduce gun-related crimes, address the moral problems of society and other issues. I believe practical reforms are needed, like bans on assault weapons and certain ammunition.
Support & Expand Free Trade 
  • Support means I believe: Free trade is in our national interest because it provides economic growth and jobs. We should only restrict free trade when it poses a security risk. Including environmental and labor safeguards are acceptable if they can be successfully negotiated into trade agreements, but should not be used as a pretext to stop trade agreements. I believe practical restrictions on trade based on labor, environment, human rights, and national security.
Support American Exceptionalism 
  • Support means I believe: United States military forces should never serve under other countries' commands; but multinational forces are acceptable under U.S. command. In general, the U.S. should consider her own national interests first, and then act with other nations in accordance with those interests.
  • Support means I believe: in promoting national interests for practical reasons, focusing on specific national security interests, and supporting reliable allies.

The other Guys?
They DON'T Seem to have any positions. No DFL or GOP Party positions. Or other wise.


Prepared by Christopher Seymore for MN State House of Representatives 2016
10816 Nord Ave S. Bloomington MN 55437